A Welcoming Place forEarly Intervention Program

At Gilmore Kids Therapy, we are always continuing to develop early childhood intervention through our early intervention program and our comprehensive approach to intervention. The areas of intervention cover adaptive skills, language and communication skills, social and play skills, fine and gross motor skills, decision making skills and school readiness.

Social Story

Develop self-recognition and awareness

Sensorial activities

Improve gross and fine motor skills

Concepts learning

Facilitate knowledge retention 

Self-help skills

Promote independence in feeding, self-cleaning, self-dressing

Speech therapy

Promote listening, speaking

Occupational therapy

Improve balance and coordination

Our EIP program is a system of services that helps preschoolers with developmental delays and learning disabilities, to develop basic life skills that are essential for their social development and educational needs.

i. Multidisciplinary team assessment

ii. Family and parent training, counseling

iii. Occupational and physiotherapy

iv. Speech & language therapy